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Window Treatment Ideas & Tips: Kempler Design

Please Feel Free To Discuss Safety Issues With Us

The CPSC Has Regulated Window Cord Safety Because of new guidelines put out by an organization that takes on the responsibility to ensure safety of children and pets, we have updates. We discuss how some of these things are going to have an impact on all of us in the future. Please watch the video […]

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How To Do Window Coverings With Uneven Ceilings

Uneven Ceilings are a Challenge Do you have an uneven ceiling? If you live in an older high rise condo, you probably do. This video and photos were taken in Arlington Towers Condos in Reno, NV. To begin, let me be clear about something. You can do a lot of different products for this situation, […]

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Using Creativity When Installing Window Coverings

Installing Battery Packs in Shallow Windows We have talked about battery packs quite a bit over the years, but recently, we got to show how to install them. There is a link to one of those videos near the bottom of this post. One thing that comes up is that not all windows are deep […]

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Important Updates For 2023 Window Coverings

Safety Updates for Window Covering Cords We posted a video about 8 months ago about things that were potentially happening in the window coverings industry. The primary focus of the post and video was the CPSC ( Consumer Product Safety Commission ) and what their goals were for providing safety guidelines for the window covering […]

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Replacing A Motor In Your Roller Shade

Do You Need to Replace a Motor? This video will show you how to replace a motor. It is done to a roller shade in a very basic style. It is roller only. There is no top treatment, like a cassette. If you had a cassette, it would add additional steps, but the overall structure […]

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My Favorite Window Covering-By Paul Kempler Of Kempler Design

My Opinion of One of The Best Window Coverings I am an interactive designer. My goal is to listen to you to determine what you are desiring for how your window treatments work. Then, I will offer feedback to help you to make a great choice. For this discussion, I am offering my opinion on […]

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Custom Wood Cornice For Roller Shades

What Does a Basic Wood Cornice Look Like? When you see this video of a wood cornice done for a Lake Tahoe client, you will see why we suggest covering your roller shades with some type of top treatment. The most important thing to remember is that top treatments, valances, cornices, fascias and other types […]

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Little Details Matter- Custom Window Coverings

Why the Small Stuff Matters When you are doing custom window treatments, little details matter. In this job, we had 8 windows and the custom wanted 7 shades. This means that the smallest rake top window was not going to have a shade on it. As a result, the view had a strange line in […]

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Powerview Gen 3 – Setting Limits

Learning How to Set Limits for Gen 3 We are going to talk about setting limits for your new shades. When Hunter Douglas came out with the Gen 3 PowerView Motorization or Automation system in 2022 we all had to learn the new techniques for pairing the shades to the app and system. It is […]

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The Agilelift Cordless Roller Shade Mechanism

AgileLift- Cordless Roller Shades Let me be clear as we start; Even though we are discussing AgileLift, there are many different roller shade mechanisms that are cordless. This is one variety that is available from Alta Window Fashions. They have a different cordless method as well, but this one is probably the one that has […]

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