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Window Treatment Ideas & Tips: Kempler Design

Explaining Banded Roller Shades

Banded Roller Shade Details The term “banded roller shades” is a little complicated. Bands can meet various things when it comes to shades. It also can depend on what the fabricator calls it. For this blog, I’ll briefly lay out what it can mean when I talk about banded roller shades. There are two primary […]

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Some Details For Custom Shutters In Reno Nv

Custom Shutters for Reno / Lake Tahoe When people want custom shutters for their homes they often are surprised by some of the details that make big differences in the overall happiness with the window treatments they select. In this blog, we will discuss some of the factors that went into this job we did […]

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Bank Of Windows – Banded Dual Shades

If you have a large bank of windows in your home, it can be a challenge as to how to cover them. In the video below, we used 2 shades to cover a bank of windows with a quantity of openings at 10. There are 5 lower windows with 5 smaller windows above them. A […]

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How To Install Cordless Honeycomb Shades

Learn How To Install Cordless Cellular Shades Please watch the video, then read the information below on how to install cordless honeycomb shades, and then watch the video again. You will be able to install your shades like a pro. Please keep this important detail in mind: Kempler Design does the installations of it’s clients’ […]

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Commercial Window Coverings For Reno Nv

Commercial Window Covering Specialist Kempler Design is a window covering expert service for the Reno and Tahoe region. While a large percentage of our work is designing for residential properties, we also do a lot of commercial window coverings. Let me tell you just a little bit about it. If you are a follower of […]

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Motorized Roman Shades For Reno Bay Window

Can Large Window Roman Shades Be Motorized? In the past, motorized roman shades had to be hardwired to lift products that were very heavy. It was possible, but it usually required an electrician to create an outlet or a junction box that was close to the top of the motorized roman shades. But things have […]

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Hunter Douglas Single Charger For New Battery System

How To: Charge Your Rechargeable Hunter Douglas Batteries If you have purchased the  Hunter Douglas Single Charger for your window treatments with the new rechargeable batteries, then you should read this blog and watch the attached video. This new system is following the trends of technology by using rechargeable tech. This simple coverage shows how […]

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Slider Door Curtains That Work Better

Slider Door Drapery Discussion If you are looking to do slider door curtains, you might want to read this blog and watch the attached video. Based on the amount of calls we get looking for assistance in covering peoples’ patio doors, this is a needed bit of information. At Kempler Design, we think outside of […]

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Is The Norman Ultra Shutter The Best Shutter?

Overview Of The Norman Ultra Shutter I suggest you watch the Norman Ultra Shutter shown in the video below. Visually, you will see many of the features that make these shutters such a great choice. After you watch the video, you will appreciate some commentary as to these factors. I will be offering my opinion […]

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Cat Destroys Blinds- Embedded Video (Humor And Frustration)

A Crazy Cat Destroys Blinds I’m very happy to know that in our 27 years of business, I’ve only had to fix a couple of windows due to cats destroying blinds. But, this video showed me some humorous and painful realities. If you have animals and we are having a consultation, please be honest about […]

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