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Window Treatment Ideas & Tips: Kempler Design

Hunter Douglas Softtouch Operation

How to Use Hunter Douglas SoftTouch Wands First of all, you will notice the word “Wands”. The Hunter Douglas SoftTouch Motorization uses wands to control your window treatments. Unlike the PowerView Motorization which uses radio frequencies to control the blinds, shades, shutters or drapes, the SoftTouch version requires you to stand at the window you […]

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How The Bliss Remote Control Is Used

Using the Bliss Remote I recently shot a video using the Bliss Remote Control where we saw the same windows. This time, I am showing it while you can see the Bliss Remote Control in my hand. Seeing how the remote control works make it easier to use when you want to use yours. Please […]

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Caughlin Ranch Circular Window Shutters

 Shaped Window Shutters- Round A Round Window cause serious head scratching for lots of homeowners. This blog will discuss a circular window that we covered in a community in Reno NV. In Caughlin Ranch, some of the homes there have at least one round window that needs covering. Shutters are one of the best choices […]

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Large Hunter Douglas Pirouette Shade With Cornice Box

Hybrid- Pirouette Shade by Hunter Douglas The Hunter Douglas Pirouette Shade gives you the option of having either light-filtering or room darkening shades with a built-in sheer layer. The primary reason that we shot this video and blog post is because I wanted to show all the layers that are involved. There are so many […]

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Alpha Remote Control For Alpha Tubular Motors

How to Use Alpha Remote Control There are many choices of Motorization of window coverings on the market these days. All of the companies have slightly different controllers for their products. I recently installed 6 solar screen shades at a Tahoe area house and I wanted to make a video for them to see how […]

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Options For Hunter Douglas Rechargeable Battery Charging

Hunter Douglas Rechargeable Batteries The Hunter Douglas rechargeable batteries are made using current technology. They utilize lithium ion batteries. This enables them to be recharged about 500 times. The length of a charge is approximately a year or so, but that time will vary. Personally, I’ve been able to get about 3 years between charges […]

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Custom Angled Window Shades For Tahoe Home

Covering Angled Windows When you are wanting to cover angled windows you are facing some challenges. Most people want to open the entire window to maximize the light and the view. Like in this home, which has a fantastic view, they wanted to make sure that the top opened up as much as possible. When […]

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Using A Shutter Wand To Adjust Ones You Can’t Reach

Shutter Wand vs. Motorization Most people who have shutters don’t even know that you can get a shutter wand to adjust them. If you have a hard to reach window, consider these wands if you don’t want to motorize them. When you watch the video, you will see how I used it on this job […]

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How To Put Together Norman Smartdrapes

SmartDrape Installation Instructions The Norman SmartDrape is a great product, but a little complicated to put together. This video will show you the things that you need to know in order to put it together for installation or to reinstall after cleaning the SmartDrape. SmartDrape Specifics The Smart Drape has to be installed very specifically. […]

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New Idea For My Youtube Account

YouTube Live Chat I came up with a new idea and I hope it works for both you and me. I want to do a live chat on YouTube Kempler Design Window Fashions so that when people have questions, they can get quick answers. Please reach out to me via the Contact Us page to […]

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