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Window Treatment Ideas & Tips: Kempler Design

Best Option For Blackout Shades- Lightlock By Hunter Douglas

Blackout Shades Overview If you need your room to be dark for sleeping or watching media, you will want to read this blog and look at one great choice of blackout shades shown in the attached video. I just mentioned the two primary reasons why people pick blackout shades. Sleeping. If you are like me, […]

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Low Cost Option For Arch Window Covering

Arch Window Covering Option If you have a home with an arch window, you know how frustrating it can be to try to cover it with a functional window treatment. This blog is showing one simple option that can be done with any type of horizontal window treatment. This window treatment is the Hunter Douglas […]

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Changing Batteries On A Somfy Remote Control

Changing Batteries Is The First Solution If you have motorized or automated window coverings, there is a good chance that you have a remote control. If you were to call an online service for assistance with a motorized window covering that is not working, the first thing they will ask you is… “Do you need […]

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Custom Drapes Require Details

What Kinds of Things Matter For Custom Drapes? If you are looking to do custom drapes, there are many considerations that you should think about. In this blog and attached video we briefly look at a recent job that we completed in Lake Tahoe. There were some considerations that we acted upon to make sure […]

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A Great Option For French Door Window Coverings

French Door Blinds This blog and video show a great option for window coverings for french doors. To be clear, they aren’t french door blinds. They are french door shades and more specifically, honeycomb or cellular shades. But people search for all kinds of names, so I figured I’d use the expression french door blinds. […]

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Normandy Wood Blinds With Smart-Release Overview

Normandy Wood Blinds Wood blinds are still very popular, but there are products out there that are very different from their competition. One of these are the Normandy wood blinds by Norman Window Fashions. We will do a quick overview of the product so you have a good idea of what to expect if you […]

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Custom Designed Curtains Are All About You

If you are looking draperies, you should consider custom designed curtains. Why? Because when you get your window treatments done especially for your needs and desires, you are going to be happier with the end result. Please take a peek at these custom designed curtains we did for a client in Reno NV. The video […]

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Hybrid Shade- Duolite Cellular Shade

What Is A Hybrid Shade? A hybrid shade is a product that combines different functions in one shade. According to one definition, a “hybrid” is: something that is formed by combining two or more things. This applies to Hybrid Shades as well. There are a lot of hybrid products on the market, and in this […]

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Window Covering Trends For 2021

Trends in Window Coverings For 2021 Window covering trends are worth looking at. This post is very unusual for us. Typically, we talk about very specific things, but this blog is about concepts, ideas and imagination. If you have the time to watch the video, please check it out and provide some feedback as to […]

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Shutters For Shelves For Reno Home

Shutters are typically used for windows and doors, but they can be used for other openings as well. In this blog and video we show how a shutter can be used to give a finished look to alcoves, shelving and niches. I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about the details because […]

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