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One Option For Top Treatments- Cornice Boxes

Cornice boxes are one of many choices of top treatments. In this video and blog post I show you some of the features of the cornice box that you can think about for your home or office. I will also highlight a couple of things that I didn’t discuss in the video. I’d suggest first watching the video to get a good overview.

Fabric Style

So, what you saw was about the fabric choice and the design. To recap, the fabric choice is very important. In most cornice boxes, the fabric lies flat on the box, so the pattern becomes incredibly important. Take a peek at the photo here to see how dynamic this fabric is. Keep this in mind: Sometimes, we select a fabric that is completely flat and simple. But in this case, the client desired something that created visual impact for their home.

Something else that was mentioned in the video was the shape of the box. Instead of being flat at the top and the bottom of the cornice boxes, we chose to add scallops at the bottom. I discussed why we did this in the video. But visually it has a large impact. One reason that we did it on this job is because of the fabric we selected. By adding the curves at the bottom we are able to highlight the pattern on the fabric. Every aspect of what we did was custom. Like the size of each scallop perfectly matching the fabric pattern on the Cornice Boxes.

Height of Cornice Box Matters

Another thing that made a serious difference was the height that we selected for this client. Look at this photo to see how much room there is above the top of the window. We needed to fill that gap and choosing to have about a foot and a half above the top of the opening helped create more balance for the overall look of the room.

What Type of Cornice Boxes Should You Choose?

When you are doing custom window treatments, you need to think about micro-details in order to get a perfect solution. In this case, you might want to use a professional to help you make your design choices. This includes the fabric choice as well as the shape and size of your cornice boxes. But, you should also consider using a professional to fabricate your top treatments. If you look at the photo of the fabric, you will see that it is made beautifully. Those details make a big difference to most of our clients.

Well, there were some things to consider about cornice boxes. I hope it was helpful. If you would like to have us do your work for your window coverings or custom top treatments, please reach out to us. Thanks for reading my blog!

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