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Hardwire Specs for Hunter Douglas

If you are building or remodeling your home, it is good that you are looking into details of hardwire specifications. The first thing I suggest is finding a window treatment expert that you trust to work with. They can really help you to make good choices. In this blog, I am going to give you a few details, but when I work with you one on one, we will get things perfectly accurate instead of getting the right concepts. Here are some things to know about the Hunter Douglas PowerView+ Gen3 motorizations. Please note the “+”. This is different from the standard PowerView system. Here is why.

Which Shades do PowerView+?

Which Shades Can I Do?

If you look at the list on the left, you can see that every motor that is set for PowerView+ is based on a Roller Shade Motor. Some are standard roller shades, but others are Hybrid Shades like the Pirouette or Silhouette. This gives you more diversity in operations.

One very micro detail to consider is that if you choose the Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades, they ONLY are doable in the Quartette version, which is the largest slat size and gap of 4”. So, if you are leaning toward things like the Cellular Shades, the Duette and Applause lines, then know that you will be going with the PowerView, not PowerView+ version.

What to Know About PowerView+

More Details About PowerView+

The most obvious difference between PowerView and PowerView+ is the type of hard-wiring that is needed. As I mention in the video, PowerView+ uses 4 wires versus two wires. Two are power cables and two are data cables. The data cables are the point. Instead of sending the signals via Bluetooth, they send the information to the shades by the cables.

This makes a difference because if you have automations set up, the control of the shades is perfect. If it receives the direction to act in a certain way, it does it perfectly. This is different from shades that receive the control signals from Bluetooth methods. They are very accurate as well, but there is a chance that the signal does not connect with the shade. So if you want perfection, you should consider the PowerView+ as a high end option.

Oh, and one micro-detail that is a huge detail. If you notice the last line on the photo, you can see an issue. It says that the Gateway or Gateway Pro can be used. I personally believe that this information from Hunter Douglas is a mistake. Because the PowerView+ requires that the Ethernet cable be directly connected to the 16 Channel Power Supply and to the Router in your home. This means that you can ONLY use the Gateway Pro version because it is the only one that has the Ethernet connection on it.

There is a ton more to discuss, but the point of this blog is to show you that Kempler Design, or in other words, Paul Kempler (me) is very helpful to you when you are trying to find the expert that can help you with your project. I have the ability to work with you no matter where you live in the United States. Please consider using us if you want this level of expertise. Thanks for reading our blog.

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