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Trends in Window Coverings For 2021

Window covering trends are worth looking at. This post is very unusual for us. Typically, we talk about very specific things, but this blog is about concepts, ideas and imagination. If you have the time to watch the video, please check it out and provide some feedback as to things you learned or would like to add to it. The biggest take away that I would like you to get from it is; even though window coverings, or window treatments, are viewed as a commodity, there is a better view. (Unintentional Pun!)

The better view is a broader view. By taking in understanding of new window covering trends, we avoid the old mistake of arriving at the party too late. The more trendy a choice is, the quicker that it departs the scene. Here is an example.

Vertical Blinds As A Window Covering Trend

Remember the 90’s? Back then, it was amazingly common to do entire homes with vertical blinds on every window. As a fun exercise, drive around a neighborhood that was built in the 90’s. If you see a home with vertical blinds on most of the windows, you know that they haven’t done a remodel of the original design. This is true of all kinds of design choices. Homes in the Reno area that had vertical blinds also tended to have the river rock fasciae as part of their design. Bottom Line: There are trends that we can identify with periods of time.

Tuscan Drapery Design

The trend that stuck out in a big way was the whole Tuscan theme. Remember that one? Gold tones everywhere, lots of metal accents and blatant luxury. It was very popular, but it dates a home to that time period. What about now? There are two distinct trends. One is the contemporary looking home. Every era puts forth the modern designed home for those who like that look. The other one is for people who like traditional homesteads. The current trend is the modern farmhouse design. It combines rustic and current for a very popular style. Drive around Reno and visit any model home and you will see how it is being optimized.

What’s the point? Trends change all the time. In the video I make the assumption that Vertical Blinds are going to make a huge comeback. I have no way of being sure, but they have been off the market for a long time and some subtle changes might make them pop as a popular and affordable choice for window treatments. Will it become a window covering trend? I say yes, but it takes the industry to buy into my thought process. We shall see.

How To Deal With Trends

Here is my take away. When it comes to window covering trends the idea is to be forward looking. Lots of social media sites give us the opportunity to look into the future. But a better way is to find a designer or window treatment expect that is not stuck in the past. I know so many designers that design every job exactly the same way. If you use someone like that, you may not get the newest looks or the best technology. It is worth it to test them out in a discussion to make sure that they are the type to constantly be researching where the markets are heading.

To learn a bit more about the window covering trends, watch the last few minutes of the video. Most of the video deals with the circumstances that we have dealt with for the last few months and what affect that has had on the industry. I’d love some feedback, so if you would care to discuss these things, please reach out to us. Thank you for reading our post.

Kempler Design is located in Reno NV and serves the northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe regions with a mobile design showroom. Paul Kempler, its founder is considered a window fashions expert. Kempler Design has been featured in many prestigious projects, including the HGTV dream home in Lake Tahoe. Kempler Design works with homeowners as well as interior design firms looking for a local contact in the Reno/Tahoe area or is available for travel.

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