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It is very important to ask, :”What Will My Shades Look Like From The Street?” There are two major considerations.

  1. Will people be able to see inside?
  2. What is the look?

What Will My Shades Look Like From The Street?

First, privacy considerations. If you can see out, then when the light changes, people will be able to see in. Here’s the rule. If you have sheer shades, (These would include Sheer Shadings like the Silhouette Shade, the Pirouette Shade, Solar Screen Shades, amongst others) you are buying them so you can see outside during the daylight. Unless you have a privacy layer, when the lights go on inside your home, the view shifts. This means that if there is more light inside your home than outside, your neighbors will be able to see inside. Watch the video to see how you can plainly see the lights inside the house. These shades provide complete privacy, but don’t be fooled by the darkness outside. Just because you can’t see outside at night, doesn’t mean you have privacy. The shades will have to be closed to their privacy setting to give you true privacy.

The second consideration you need to consider has to do with, “What Will My Shades Look Like From The Street?” If you watch the video, you’ll get a good idea what the Array Shades look like from the street. Notice how the bands are very distinct. You and your designer need to be very careful that the style you see from the outside coordinates with the style of the house. Every product has its own characteristics and you should be able to know how they look before you make a choice. I hope this blog and video are helpful in making your choices.

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