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If you have an arch window, you will want to read this blog to know what your options are.

Arch Top Shutter

First option: Do nothing. This may seem strange, but keep in mind that if you don’t have functional needs, I’m not a big promoter of ordering products that you don’t need.

Next option: Put a window covering there that matches the shape of the window. This is aesthetically speaking, the most attractive solution. This can be done with various products. Some of them are operable and most are fixed in position with no movement possible. Which products offer arch tops:

  • Shutters- Many options of shutters can be made with a curved top.
  • Shutter Type Specialty Shaped Window Coverings. Watch the link for a video.
  • Shades- Honeycomb, specialty shadings like the Silhouette or Vignette, etc. This even includes Roman Shades with custom fabrics
  • Blinds- This would include horizontal and vertical blinds.
  • Draperies- I don’t often do draperies in an arch top, but they can be done.
  • Valances- There are many options as to how to use a valance for an arch, but they are so specific to your window, that I can’t be too specific.

The one I get the most calls for are the specialty shutter arches. They are pretty unique and very functional for a reasonable price. If you would like to order one for your home, you can contact us via the phone number below and we can discuss your needs. We ship these all over the country and they are very easy for you to install yourself.

The next option is to install any type of rectangular window covering over the top of the window. This is the least expensive option. Keep in mind that you will lose the shape of the window when the window treatment is covering the window. There is one thing to remember that is critical. You have to  have enough room above and to the sides of the window for this to work. Plus, you need to consider the length of the controls. You don’t want to have to get a step stool every time you want to operate the product.

Well, those are your options. Which is best for you? I will have an opinion once I see your project. Please let us know if you’d like assistance.

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