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Sheer drapes are a great way to add function and beauty to your bedroom. So many people are choosing blackout shades or blinds for their bedrooms. Even when they choose top down / bottom up configurations, there tends to be a privacy or a glare issue that comes up. For example, when you look at the video, when the shade is lowered, there is still a perception of lack of privacy. By adding the sheer drapes, not only does it soften the view, but it adds a little shading, a little privacy, but it also dramatically adds to the decor of the room and window treatment.

Sheer Drapes: Affordable Style for Your Home

The biggest question that people usually have when they get to this point is: How much will this cost me? Sheer Drapes are some of the most affordable types of custom draperies that there are. This is because some sheer fabrics come in very wide fabrics, which lowers the cost of labor. Also, when you do sheer drapes, you don’t have to add lining to the costs of the window treatment. You still have to add a drapery rod to the costs, but here is what you can expect. Assuming a window size of 72″ or 6 feet wide.

Sheer Drapes

Sheer Drapes

  • 8 yards of fabric for you sheer drapes – About $80-800. There is a huge range of fabrics to choose from. You can find ready made panels for even less.
  • Labor costs- From free, if you have a nice relative who sows to about $300 if you use a local designer.
  • Drapery Rod- From $20 at your local Box Store (which will be a very flimsy telescoping rod) to $400-500 dollars for a completely custom rod with accessories like rings and fancy finials.
  • Installation- From free if you are a DIYer to around $100 if you hire a professional drapery installer.

So, if you total it all up, you are looking at a range of about $100 to $1700 for a fully custom treatment of sheer drapes. I’d say that when we do this treatment, most of our clients will expect to pay about $500 to $1000 for a custom sheer with drapery rod.

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