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A Roman Shade Option

Why do we say that you have an option when it comes to purchasing a roman shade? Because the traditional roman shade style can be done in different ways. This blog and attached video shows you the Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shade. After you watch the video, we can talk about factors to think about if you want roman shades.

Traditional Roman Shade?

Did you notice how the shade is called a “modern roman shade”? This is because typically, the “old style” of roman shade had cords that ran down the back of the shade and it had a pull cord that lengthened as you pulled the shade to the top of the window. Due to child safety issues, pull cords like this are being outlawed.

The solution that Hunter Douglas used with its Vignette shade is to internalize all of its mechanisms to make it safe.

Stacking Vs. Rolling

The shade shown in the video is the stacking version of the Vignette shade. It looks more like a traditional roman shade than the rolling version due to the way the material stacks as it raises. With the rolling version of the Vignette, the material rolls up into the headrail without any stack. This basically would look like a roller shade with pleats of fabric instead of a stacking at the bottom version. I apologize for not being able to formulate a perfect image of this difference. Looking at pictures of Vignette shades would help to show the various looks. Here you go!

Stacking Vignette Shade

Rolling Vignette Shades

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