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Kempler Design is a window treatment company in Reno NV. Recently, we did a drapery and valance treatment for a client and they were willing to go on camera to tell us about their experience.

The following is a transcript of the testimonial between Window Fashions Expert Paul Kempler and the happy client Nancy:

Paul: Hello Nancy.
Nancy: Hi Paul, How are you doing?
Paul: Ha ha, I’m doing very well. I want to thank you for doing a testimonial for Kempler Design. So, could you tell us about your experience? What it was like to work with us, you know, just give us briefly an over view.
Nancy: Paul is wonderful! (Paul laughing in background) We knew we wanted drapes but we didn’t know what we wanted. So he came out and spent about an hour and a half or two hours with us going through everything. He guided me a little because I was wanting the old fashioned stuff and he helped me pick something that’s much more modern and he’s very, very good at prying me out of what I thought I wanted.
Paul: (Okay)
Nancy: And…
Paul: But not pushy I hope…
Nancy: Not pushy, no, no, no, no, no in fact we laughed all the time because I realized I had old-fashioned ideas. (Paul and Nancy laughing)
Paul: Nice.
Nancy: Yeah…so I’m pleased, these are just gorgeous. Now I get to go buy a new sofa to with my new drapes. But anyway, I am so pleased with these, they are just beautiful. We are so thrilled, and he (Paul) is a joy to work with. Installation was wonderful. Two fellows, Paul and a helper, and they didn’t disrupt the house or anything, and we are just so pleased. I found him (Paul) on Google and one of the people, one of the men who had written that he went originally to Paul, and then for some reason he went to somebody that was cheaper, and he said “You get what you pay for,” so he came back to Paul and Paul did the work and the guy said, “I would never use anybody else again.” Based on that review we chose Paul.
Paul: Well, that is very, very, very nice and I appreciate it and I hope people that are watching will feel the same way!
Nancy: Well, he wonderful! You’ll love him!
Paul: Thank you!
Nancy: Bye bye.


We sure appreciate Nancy, and all of our wonderful clients over the years. I hope we can assist you too.

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Paul Bringing Samples to a Client

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