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What Is A Hybrid Shade?

A hybrid shade is a product that combines different functions in one shade. According to one definition, a “hybrid” is: something that is formed by combining two or more things. This applies to Hybrid Shades as well. There are a lot of hybrid products on the market, and in this blog we will discuss a couple of them.

Hunter Douglas has recognized that a hybrid shade is going to be very popular in this market. They have branded it as the term “DuoLite”. The name says it all. DuoLite means that it can provide two, Duo, levels of light. In my opinion, this is an understatement. There are hybrid shades that provide even more than two levels of light. Some provide 4 distinct levels of light control. We have discussed this type in the past. It is called the Hunter Douglas Silhouette DuoLite shade. If you want to see a video of how that works, please watch some of our videos here.

Hunter Douglas Duette DuoLite

Duette DuoLite

One of the first Hybrid Shades was the Duette DuoLite. But one of the reasons that I am talking about it is that Hunter Douglas has made a small change to the pricing that makes it more applicable to more people. In the past, they used to charge full price for each shade, but now, it is just a moderate surcharge. I’ve provided more Duette DuoLite Hybrid Shades in the past year than I have in the previous 5 years.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of different shades that are hybrids. We always work with each client to help them determine which hybrid shade is the best choice for them. This client is very happy with their selection in this case. If you would like some assistance with your project, please reach out to us.

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