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Choices for the Hunter Douglas Vignette Shades

In this blog, I am going to give some details about choosing which type of Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shades you will want for your project. I’d suggest watching the video first and then taking a look at the photos and details of certain aspects of this product.

The thing that I want you to take from this post is that the most important thing you can do is to work with companies like Kempler Design Window Fashions. This will help you make your choices on not only style, but also function. The choices you make not only have to look great, but they have to also give you the functional use that you NEED. So, check out this post.

Photos and Commentary

Rolling Style

Stacking Style

There are two main things to address in the photos. Number 1 is the difference between the rolling and stacking styles of the Vignette Roman Shades. Notice the top bar. On the rolling style, it is about 4” tall and the material rolls into it. On the Stacking style, it is about 2” tall and the material stacks below it, not inside it.

The second thing to notice is the difference between the pleat styles. The rolling style shows you a 6” Flat Fold, and the stacking style shows you a 4” Full Fold. The rolling style can do either, but the stacking style can only do the Full Fold version.

Rolling Style Projection

Notice this new photo. In the video above, I discussed the projection of the fabric into the room. This photo shows you how it creates that gap between the fabric and the wall or door when it is lowering. Please remember that when the shade gets to the bottom of the opening, the shade completes the roll and tilts toward the back of the Headrail. This limits the amount of distance from the wall or the door. This can cause issues when you are putting this style on a French door with a handle that projects into the glass area. Typically, the shade would lower over the top of the handle and then when it “kicks back” the handle prevents it from being able to retract to the door.

Other Details on the Vignette Shades

Rolling Style Top Stack

Stacking Style Stack

As you look at the photos of these Vignette Shades, please notice that on the exact same window using the exact same pleat style, that the stack is very different. The rolling style takes the entire shade into the headrail giving a very sleek look. The stacking style is more traditional and as a result the stack takes a large percentage of the opening. Typically it is about 20% of the overall height.

Now, keep in mind that just because you want one style over another, doesn’t mean that you can do that. Let me give you an example. Because the fabric has to fit inside the rolling style headrail, a thicker fabric that is being done on a very wide or a very tall window might not work. This is because the thickness of the fabric may prevent the material from rolling evenly or being able to compress enough to encapsulate itself into the size of the Cassette headrail. This may sound complicated, and that is because it can be. Sometimes we make some tentative selections and then look up the specifications to realize that some fabrics aren’t able to handle those sizes. This is especially true when choosing a room darkening solution which adds a thicker lining to the backside of the shade.

6” Flat Fold

We have discussed the 4” Full Fold and the 6” Flat Fold. Here is the 6” Flat Fold photo. I want you to see the difference.

There are other things to discuss, but we will go over those things when we meet to do your project. One other detail: I had a Tahoe client the other day tell me that I need to be more forthcoming about the fact that I am doing jobs in Tahoe all the time. She said my website makes it seems like I handle Reno exclusively. I will be adjusting that information and I am very grateful for her feedback. Thanks for reading our blog.

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