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Should You Have Blinds on Huge Windows or Sliders?

As of 2023, the world of window treatments is changing. Due to safety concerns, products with cords are in the process of being eliminated. As a result, new solutions and options for covering windows and doors are needing to be addressed. There are lots of new things that are being worked on behind the scenes, but it is important to look at options that currently out there, so that you can have safer and more functional options.

In this video, I happen to show what we chose for a client at Lake Tahoe who wanted to replace their blinds on a slider door with shutters. They work perfectly for what this client wanted. These are the things that they presented to me when I met with them for the consultation at the property. 1. They wanted something durable, since they have a lot of visitors. 2. The owners love the view, so they wanted something that completely opened and maximized the view. 3. To find a balance of the vintage feel of the home versus the newer looks that are very popular, the shutters were their choice of comfort.

My Opinion on Shutters vs. Other Options for Doors

Roller Shades on Sliders

Sliding Doors are typically less than 10% of the amount of openings in a home. And coincidentally, the amount of shutters that I typically do for my clients on their sliders is less than 10%. So, this means that there are 90 plus percent more options available. For decades, the most common product selected has been curtains or draperies, but those numbers have changed over the years. Think back to the 1990’s. If you look at a home that was built in that time period and hasn’t been remodeled, you will probably see a bunch of vertical blinds.

They were hugely popular in those days. In the premium part of the window coverings industry, vertical blinds have basically disappeared. They may come screaming back soon. This we are all very curious to see. What has taken over has been other options, like Panel Track Systems. These are on the decline as well. Drapes are on the rise again. And for whatever reason, one of the most popular options has been roller shades on sliders. The logic on that choice surprises me, but I’ve also done them for so many of my clients.

I mentioned that I was going to offer my opinion, so here it is. As I claim all the time, I am a “Functional Designer”. In other words, function comes first and then style. So, with that in mind, when I help a client to select a window covering for their sliders, I need to find out how they are using it. If it only acting as a window, then any choice is acceptable. But if they are using a slider to go inside and outside regularly, I will always suggest a product that makes that activity easy. Our consultations help our clients to make choices that are best for their needs. So, my opinion of what is the best choice is 100% influenced by the feedback I receive from my clients.

Other Options for Sliders

Honeycomb SHADES for Sliders

1. Draperies

2. Custom Shadings- Like the Hunter Douglas Luminette or the Norman Window Fashions SmartDrape.

3. Panel Track Systems

4. Shades- There are too many types to mention by name.

5. Shutters

There are other options for all of these, but I’d suggest working with a company like ours that can help you make the right choice for sliders. If you are doing this on your own, then use your best judgement in making your selection. One thing that I would suggest is to see this link.

In it, you can see a lot of different videos we’ve shot about various options for sliding doors. I hope that was helpful. Please contact us if you’d like to hire Kempler Design and work with Paul, which is me. :)

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