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Banded Shades Overview

Banded Shades which are known as Zebra Shades, Dual Shades, and Hybrid Shades are being selected by many people for their homes. Why? First, take a peak at the video so you can see the product. Then we will discuss some of the factors as to why people select this window covering. We will also briefly talk about why they may not choose it. Enjoy the video.

Why People Like Hybrid Shades/Banded Shades

Our customers love finding window coverings that give them a lot of options as to the function of the products. Most people desire a shade that gives them privacy, a sheer view-through and the ability to stack at the top of the window. That stack is typically less than 4 inches, by the way.


Side View of a Banded Shade

This product does all of those things. Keep in mind that there are many different hybrid types of shades that do this, like the Silhouette and Pirouette Shadings from Hunter Douglas. But here is a major factor in this choice. Some companies that make this product tend to price it more as a roller shade than as a premium or luxury product. As a result, the Banded type shade tends to become more popular. Speaking of the Silhouette Shade or window coverings like it, check this out.

One of the factors that people like about the banded or zebra shades or dual shades is that they don’t have micro pockets for each slat. This means that the one issue that comes up often with the Silhouette type shades is that they tend to trap bugs on the slats or louvers. With the Banded type shades, the little critters still get in between the two layers, but the bugs fall to the bottom and it stays cleaner. There are other factors as to why people like this product, but I want to keep this short.

Are Banded Shades Right For You?

We also could have named the subtitle, “Why Some People Don’t Like Banded Shades.” This is because there are some factors that don’t meet the needs of the client. The primary issue that you need to be aware of is the amount of light that these shades allow into the room. They are not a BLACKOUT shade. They are at best, room darkening. There is a significant amount of light that works around the bands. So, if you want the room to be very dark, this is not a good choice for you. If you want light-filtering fabrics, the amount of light is completely dependent on the fabric choice you make.

Another factor that people think about with the Zebra Type Shades is the actual view that they will have. When you take two sheer fabrics and lay them in front of each other, you can get what is called a moire. This is a frosty and blurry look to the outside. Now keep in mind that there are many different sheer fabrics to choose from, but I highly suggest holding them up to the sun to see how the view is affected.

In the video I show another minor issue. Based on the way that the product works, when the shade is in its lowest “Sheer” position, there is a gap at the bottom of the window. Most people are happy to accept this factor of the way that these Banded shades work, but you need to be aware of it. Take a peek at the video again if you want to see what that gap looks like.

So, again, is this the right choice for your window treatments? Do you want Banded Shades or is another choice better for you? There are many choices, but only a few of them are perfect for you. We’d like to be your source of window treatments for your project. If we seem like a good choice for you, please reach out to us. Thanks for reading our blog.

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