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Shutters are one of the best options to cover specialty windows, like arches, rake tops, cathedral shapes, or other types of unusually shaped windows. I don’t often show other people’s videos, but this is a good exception. Check out this video from one of my suppliers, Norman Window Fashions. It shows the way that shutters are made, whether shaped, or not.

Reno Shutters

Arch Top Shutters

I am not endorsing any particular company in this post. I just want to show the process involved in shutters. This company does so much by computer that when I order from them, I know exactly what I’m going to get. I can even provide you with CAD drawings of the schematics of the shutter. This helps us to make sure that everything is done correctly.

Unique Shutter Solutions for Unique Windows

An example of this has to do with a recent job that I did outside of Reno. The client had an interesting window where the top part was an arch and the bottom of the window was divided into two major sections. The bottom part of the window was only about 12″ tall, and so we decided to put the divider rail at that point. When we got the CAD drawings, we realized that the louver size that we had picked, 4 1/2″, would have caused us to have only 2 louvers below the rail, as I recall.

So, after consultation, the client and I conferred and decided to use a smaller louver so that we would have more louvers in the lower section. It turned out really well. So, there is something to be said for the use of computers in the design and construction of shutters. But, the hand built feel of the shutters is very important too. Notice in the video how the panel is hand worked to give it a very custom feel. Surprisingly, shutters done in shapes are not significantly more expensive than other types of custom shaped window coverings.

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