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If you have a bay window, clearly you will be looking at “solutions for bay window coverings”. Why is this? Because depending on the bay window, you may come across some issues. The video discusses the issues and we will break them down a bit more in this blog.

Bay Window Coverings Solutions

The only reason that these concerns came up for bay window coverings is that this client wanted the louvered type of products. We chose the Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shadings, but similar issues would have happened with any product that has slats or louvers. This would include the Pirouette Shadings, The Designer Banded Shadings, Shutters and even horizontal Wood Blinds.

If they had selected a window shading that had a solid appearance, like a honeycomb/cellular shade or a roller shade or something similar to that, this issue would not have come up. Why does the louvered type product have this issue? Because you need the louvers to line up perfectly with the other parts of the bay window. This job had all kinds of irregularities in it, so the only way that we could ensure that the shadings lined up was to order them all at the exact same height.

Handling Obstacles In Doing Bay Window Coverings

Shades For Bay Window

When doing any window covering jobs, you are probably going to run into some sort of issues or obstacles that will need your attention. In this case, the biggest issue was the width of the windows on the side of the bay. They were only about 11 inches wide and the minimum for this product is 12”. Thankfully, the two issues that needed resolution were both fixable in the same way. By moving the product to an “outside mount” instead of an “inside mount”, we were able to provide a solution for these bay windows.

In this way we were able to make the minimum width issue go away. We were also able to line up the vanes by mounting them outside the casing of the window. All in all, it seems simple, but if you’ve ever seen a friends house with things not quite working right in the layout of the blinds, you can see why giving these issues the proper attention is so important.

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