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Cordless Roller Shades

When purchasing cordless roller shades or screen shades you have to determine how to operate them. There are many different types of mechanisms available. The most popular is the bead chain clutch style, But in this blog we will briefly discuss the cordless variety of lift systems for roller shades.

Even in this instance, we have to be careful in providing this information as all types of cordless roller shades do not work the same. Let me give you a quick little overview. You all remember the old type that your great-grandmother had in her house. The type that if you let it go, the spring would have no control and it would spin until the spring-loaded mechanism would unwind itself. The modern version of these cordless roller shades act nothing like that.

What The Modern Version Is Like

When you watch the posted video, you will notice that the shade lifts itself all the way to the top of the window once you start it. The speed of the lifting is actually adjustable too. You can make it go a bit slower if desired. It does take a light “tug” to initiate the movement, but after you own the window shade, you will get used to the amount of effort that is required to start the movement.

Cordless Roller Shades

This is one version of a cordless shade. I’ve seen many other types and that is because there are quite a few different manufacturers of window coverings mechanisms. When you are making your purchase, be sure that the version you are getting is going to function the way you want it to. Just because you see a video, like the one posted here, doesn’t mean that you will be getting the same type of mechanism on your cordless roller shades.

This is because it depends on the specific type of mechanism and also that over time the products change. So, if you happen to watch this video in 2023, it might be a very different product than we used on this cordless roller shade in 2020. So, working with a company that can provide the current information will be beneficial to you.

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