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crystal-bay-window-blindsCrystal Bay window blinds can be an advantage to your windows for many reasons. They are easy to keep clean and they are also easy to install. Most home, apartment and condo renters buy them because they are affordable.

In order to keep this type of window treatment clean, you’re going to need a few items. Each of these items can be purchased at your local home improvement or general store. A quick cleaning every day can reduce the need to replace them.

  • Feather duster
  • Gloves
  • Soft cloth
  • Vinegar
  • Wet/dry vac

Step 1: Keeping your blinds clean can all teeter on how well the rest of your home is cleaned on a daily basis. Dust can accumulate and of it’s not taken care of, it will spread. So start with a simple light feather dusting.

Step 2: Grab that pair of gloves you just purchased and go over each slat. This will ensure that the dust is removed. Make sure that your Crystal Bay blinds are fully opened to get all of the slats cleaned evenly.

Step 3: Next grab a bucket and fill it up with a few parts vinegar and the rest water. Never put too much vinegar in with the water. You can use practically any kind of cleaning solvent as long as it’s non-abrasive.

Step 4: Wipe blinds off. Take a rag and go over the closed blinds getting all over. This will make the blinds look as though they are new again. Your blinds will be shiny as well. Throw the rag out whenever your finished.

Step 5: Take that shop vac and go over your blinds one last time. You will get tiny particles that you did not get originally. After that, you are pretty much done. You can enjoy your blinds without having to worry about dust buildup on them.

There are lots of way to enjoy your window treatments. But maintenance is the most important aspect of keeping them long term. You already have made the investment so now it is your responsibility to keep them in one piece.

One of the main advantages of having blinds on the windows to the home is to preserve the windows and the things in the interior. Furniture won’t fade, your carpeting will not get sunburned, and your paint won’t peel.

Our Crystal Bay window treatment company, Kempler Design can provide you with new blinds that are simple to keep clean. They carry all the best names in the business and bring their showroom to you.

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