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The picture of the drapery treatment in Lake Tahoe in so large because I want you to really see the details that make this treatment work for the client.

Notice a couple of things in this photo:

Square Rod and Rings with Hand Forged Finials

It might be hard to tell, but the rod is square and so are the rings. This fits the other style features in the room. The finials are hand forged, and provide a very nice detail to the ends of the rod and soften the hardness of the square rod. Also, the finish is hand painted and complements the decor of the room. None of these features are available in ready made drapery rods.

Next, notice the fringe and tassels:

Tassel Fringe with Crystals

Tassel Tieback

Tassel Tieback

Key Tassel

These touches can really pull a lot of specific things out in a room scheme. For example, as you can notice, the chairs have some blue in them, and the sheers do too, but it’s hard to see it, due to the light flooding through the material. But, when the trim has a bit of the color you are trying to accent, it pops it into your consciousness. Also, notice how the tassel fringe with crystals really grabs the exterior light. This was done to accentuate the fact that we used a sheer fabric, so light was important to maximize. The key tassels that are hanging from the finials are a nice touch, but to be honest, they were an afterthought. The supplier sent the wrong size tassel at first, so we kept them and added one additional feature to bring the trim color up to the rod.

As with all drapery treatments, they are all individualized. This customer loved them. So, even in Lake Tahoe you can have something designed for you that really brings out your individual style.

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