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If you have a challenging window to cover, for example an arch, you don’t always have to match the shape of the window. Often, all that is needed is to provide some color, softness and interest to the window in order to get the desired effect. The video below, though poor in quality, will show some things to consider.

One issue which was discussed with the client extensively was the HUGE contrast that there would be between their daytime and nighttime views of the draperies. Because the light pours in through the bank of windows and the paint color on the wall is so dark, it makes it hard for the eyes to adjust during the day. That is why we selected lighter color drapery rods. The fabric also was chosen to stand out against the dark color of the wall. At night, on the other hand, the fabric and rods will POP off of the dark color. One suggestion that I made to the client was to place powerful uplights at the base of the draperies in order to really highlight their beauty. I will be working with this client again in the near future and I will update this blog if they have added that feature.

There were many issues to consider on this job and I suggest that if you have a similar wall of windows, you contact us, or another trusted window fashions expert to help you through your challenge.

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