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Usually the last question I’m asked just before the paperwork is signed on an invoice is “How long will it take for my products to come?” The answer will vary.

Blinds and Shades

Hunter Douglas Duette shades







Typically, blinds take about 1-2 weeks

Specialty Shadings

Pirouettes take how long?

2-3 weeks.

This category is dominated by products like the Hunter Douglas Silhouette, Hunter Douglas Pirouette and other similar products. Because there are fewer manufacturing plants, it can sometimes take a little longer






Alumatek Shutters

1-8 weeks.

Why such a huge¬†discrepancy? You’d think that these shutters were made in Reno, but you might be surprised where your shutters are being manufactured. Some shutters are made locally, as in California, but some of the top brands are made in Asia. There are also many small shutter manufacturers who can become overwhelmed by orders very quickly. I have shutters that I can get quickly if necessary, but usually I quote 6 weeks for a good quality, well priced shutter.




Draperies can have long lead times.

2-8 weeks or indefinitely.

We can get drapery or top treatments manfactured in Reno in about 2 weeks on urgent need, but usually, we quote 4-6 weeks. When you order a drapery, there are so many variables involved. The biggest hiccup is the availability of fabric. If you are unable to get the material, you can wait a long time. Thus the indefinite comment above.






In the end, you should choose the right product for your windows. Usually, if one product take a couple of weeks longer than expected, we provide temporary shades to ease the delay. But I suggest sticking with the product you originally picked if you face a back-order. You will rarely find a better replacement than what you spent all that time choosing.


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