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Open Shutters Correctly

This blog is written to help you maintain your shutters. As is mentioned in the video below, if you don’t use the proper techniques to open shutters, then you risk major damage. If the procedures mentioned here are followed, you are much more likely to have a lifetime product installed in your home or office. Please watch the video to see how it is suggested you operate your window shutters.

Tilt Bar Disconnection From Louvers

The goal of this post is to help you avoid the look of the shutter to the left of the page. When I drive around, I see disconnected louvers from the tilt rod all over town. Not all the time, but most of the time the damage is caused by poor operation of the shutters.

Review of How to Open Shutters

The bottom line that was expressed in the video was NOT to use the tilt-rod as a pulling wand. In other words, NEVER pull on the tilt-rod to open the door portion of the shutter. By door portion, I mean causing the hinges to function at the side of the panel. Open the louvers first and then reach your hand inside the side piece, called the Stile. Gently pull from the inside of the opening without using the tilt rod.

The best guidance overall is to act as though the tilt-bar, tilt-rod, tilt-wand doesn’t exist. I put all the various words there to help people who are searching for this to find it. Ignore that wand and use the more sturdy parts of the shutter. The next critical focal point is to use the middle third of the shutter opening to adjust the louvers. This prevents extra tension from existing at the extremities of the shutter louvers. If my words are hard to follow in this blog, just watch the video again and see how to open shutters in action.

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