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Opening Bi-Fold Shutters is a bit counter-intuitive. You would think that you go to the side where the door handle is located. But, for best operation, you will do it a little differently. Please watch the short video to see exactly how you should be opening your bi-fold shutters.

As you could see, opening bi-fold shutters is not complicated, but it prevents the hanging system from binding or causing damage. The biggest question is not how to operate bi-fold shutters, but why you would choose them in the first place.

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Why Choose Bi-Fold Shutters?

When you are choosing to put shutters over a sliding door or a patio door, you have to determine which is the best option for you. First, are shutters your best choice? There are many options for patio doors, and shutters can be a great choice. You should at least consider different options for these windows that will accommodate your needs most effectively.

If you have determined that shutters are your best choice, what track system of shutters will be best for you? Most shutter companies have 3 options.

  1. Bi-Pass Shutter- This is a shutter where you have panels that slide past one another. Your louvers need to be fully closed when they pass one another, which means that under most circumstances you will lose half your view when they are stacked to the side.
  2. Open Bi-Pass Shutter- This track system of shutters is the same as the above, but the spacing between the panels is larger. The gap between shutters allows the louvers to be in the open position while stacked. If you need more view-through, this is a good choice. The projection in the room is deeper though, so you need to make sure you have room for it.
  3. Bi-Fold Shutters- These are the shutters that are in today’s blog. The stack to the side allows for the most view and light, but the projection at the stacking side will be as much as about 27” into the room’s space.

When you look at the above options, you may decide that Bi-Fold shutters best fit your needs. There are many factors to consider beyond these basics, and a consultation with a shutter expert can help you make a good decision.

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