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If you want shutters on french doors you will want to watch the attached video. We will also go over some other factors to consider when putting shutters on french doors.

Cutouts On French Door Shutters

So, as you noticed, the french door handle has a great impact on whether you need to use a cutout on your shutters. There are so many different types of doors on the market that each shutter we do is individually designed for that specific door. We can’t offer a generic solution for shutters on french doors due to this fact.

French Door Shutter CutOut

The one thing I like to mention to my clients is that when doing a shutter on a french door, the longevity of that shutter may not match other shutters in the house. Why? Because most of the other windows have shutters on them that are not being closed, slammed, shut or operated in the same way. When these shutters are on french doors, the hinges, frames and closing mechanisms undergo a lot more stress.

The solution for this is to make sure you are buying a very good quality product that is made to withstand the stress of the movement of the door in its daily usage. Also, the way that you use the door will help the shutter to last a long time. Be gentle when you use the door. If you have a crazy family member (as we all do), then train them not to slam the door. Hopefully they will learn and save you stress. :)

Work with a professional who will help you make the right choices for your shutters on french doors in your home.

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