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Shutters for Large Windows

Modern design typically allows for large windows in the design of a home. It is not uncommon for homes to have windows that are anywhere from 8 feet wide to even 15 feet wide. Because of this width, it causes some questions about what type of window treatments to use. In this blog, we will talk about shutters for large windows.

First of all, this video, shot by my adorable wife April, shows me that that I really need to get back in shape! Yikes… But, more importantly to you, it shows you some of the factors that go into putting shutters on large windows. When you watch a video like this, you are looking at the final product. This installation went perfectly. We had no issues after the shutters were installed. But, there were so many factors to consider.

So many of the downtown Reno condo complexes were built many years ago and there is a great deal of settling of the structures. In order to use Shutters for Large Windows in these buildings, we have to make a lot of adjustments to the frames to make them fit. To be honest, in some cases, it takes a LOT of “tweaking” to make sure the shutters not only look good, but operate well.

Wood Shutters For Large Windows

In this case, we used two and half tubes of caulking to smooth out the gaps that were created by the concrete blocks on the far side wall. We also needed to take special care in how we installed these into concrete ceilings and sills. It is NOT AN EASY INSTALLATION.

So, this is the bottom line in installing shutters for large windows, whether they are concrete or not. How shutters are installed are probably more important than the shutter itself. So, when you are deciding on whether to purchase shutters for your home in Reno or Lake Tahoe, please ask your designer about the qualifications of the installer.

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