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So, you just had shutters installed. How do you take care of them? The attached video shows some tips in specifics like cleaning, opening, closing and adjustments. Shutters are one of the hottest segments of the window treatment market in the Reno, Sparks, and Lake Tahoe areas. The YouTube video was made for a homeowner who was not present at the installation. I wanted them to see how to get the most out of their shutters.

I wanted to mention just a couple of the points here as well.

Keep your shutters beautiful for a lifetime.

Keep your shutters beautiful for a lifetime.

1. I strongly suggest not using any type of a cleaner on your shutters. Especially if they are vinyl. The reason is that when any substance is added to the surface of the louvers, you are now giving the sun something to affect. Most often, when I see yellowed shutters, it is because the homeowner used some sort of a protectant or cleaner on their shutters and over time, the sun baked that topping into a sort of creme brulee. Most shutters have UV protectant built in..

2. Shutters are designed to stay in the window. Can you open them completely to open up the view to the outside? Yes, of course. But remember, that if you do this, especially with certain types of shutters, the weight of the panels WILL cause the panels to sag. When this happens, and it will, you will have more issues with Warranty Information and also with the fit of the panels in the frame.

3. If your shutters have a standard tiltbar, make sure that you NEVER use the bar to open and close the panels. In some circles, the tilt bar is accepted as a connector and not a functional part of the shutter. Certain shutter manufacturers suggest grabbing a louver near the center of the section that is moving in order to function the tilt of the shutter. The tiltbar connects the louvers together, and the more you touch the tiltbar, the more your chance of causing damage to it. The tiltbar is the MOST COMMONLY NEEDED REPAIR on a shutter.

This is just a few of the To learn about Kempler Design to new shutter owners. The specific type and brand of products you purchase will affect the guidance I’d provide. This is why we have a nice checklist that we go over with our clients.

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