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The perfect type windows for the Norman Window Fashions PerfectTilt RF motorized shutters

The perfect type windows for the Norman Window Fashions PerfectTilt RF motorized shutters

The Norman Window Fashions motorized shutters are pretty amazing. We do all kinds of motorized window treatments, but I haven’t done too many motorized shutters in the Reno area. This was the perfect application because the louvers would have been very hard to reach. Coincidentally, the system is called the PerfectTilt RF (Radio Frequency). The remote control is very simple to use. It has 5 channels plus an ALL button, enabling you to control individual panels or groups of shutters, depending on your needs. You control your louver direction by first pressing one of about eight louver direction indicators and then pressing the channel of which shutters you wish to adjust. The motor system uses 6 AA batteries, but a solar system is also offered, which recharges your batteries using the sun. I have not tested the solar system yet, so any feedback that other industry professionals or homeowners in other parts of the country who have used it would be appreciated. One thing that I like about the system is that the motors are virtually silent. Even in the video, you can’t hear them moving. You can also plug your remote control into your computer via the USB cable that provided to unlock further features, like timers, for setting regular schedules to operate your shutters without pressing any buttons. Clearly, as you guessed, the shutters are using a radio frequency to send and receive the signal. This allows the timer feature and standard operations to work, whether you point the remote control at the shutters or not.

The costs can be prohibitive, but there are ways to bring the costs down. If you contact us, we can show you the best and most cost-effective ways to make motorized shutters work for you.

As you can see, the shutters in this Reno home are on angle top windows. The slope is not too severe, so the shutter louvers are all fairly rectangular. If you were to look closely, you’d see that the top louvers are tapered a bit to fit the custom shaped framing.

All in all, I loved helping this client to get a truly custom look and to have a fully functional window treatment for their hard to treat windows.

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