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Overview Of The Norman Ultra Shutter

I suggest you watch the Norman Ultra Shutter shown in the video below. Visually, you will see many of the features that make these shutters such a great choice. After you watch the video, you will appreciate some commentary as to these factors. I will be offering my opinion of the rating of the Norman Ultra Shutter near the end of this blog.

As you noticed in the video, one of the things that really stands out about Norman Ultra Shutters is the width of each individual panel. For wood shutters, these are the first ones I’ve ever installed that can have a 48” panel. The norm for the industry is about 36”. I love that you can do a window that is 4 feet wide with just one panel.

Features of the Norman Ultra Shutter

Another great feature is the stoutness of the shutters. In my opinion, the Norman Ultra Shutter is a high-end furniture grade shutter. They use a great quality and stable wood for its production. They also bump up the volume of the product. In other words, they use 30% more wood than with their Normandy Product line. And because of the nature of the wood they use, these shutters are far heavier than other shutters in the Norman line. This is one of the reasons that I feel that they are such a premium product.

Ultra Hardware

The shutters themselves are very nice, but some of the hardware in the Norman Ultra Shutter line takes them over the top. Firstly, the “Invisible Hinge” is a part of the standard offering. This hinge is very sturdy and stylish. It has micro adjustments for a perfectly clean look too. When you have a beautiful shutter with a fantastic finish, it looks classy and modern to hide the hinge.

I don’t know if you view motorization as part of the hardware, but if you add the G4 motorization to the Norman Ultra Shutters, you will have everything you will ever need or want in a custom shutter. So, as you can tell, I like this product very much, but…

Is The Norman Ultra Shutter Right For You?

4 Foot Wide Shutter in Reno

Yes, it is a great shutter, but for some of my clients price is an important factor. Why am I bringing this up? Let’s see how this works out in the money aspect. Let’s imagine that you want to do your entire home in custom shutters. The cost using a base level shutter works out to about $5200. If you upgrade to mid grade quality shutters the price will be about $7600. And if you decide to select the Norman Ultra Shutter than the price comes out to about $11,600.

So, it is a personal and financial decision. For some of Kempler Design’s clients, they are happy to have the best quality shutter in their homes. For most of our clientele, they choose a lower cost product due to the balance of desire for the best, with the costs being in their budget. Which is best for you? If you want a tremendous quality shutter and are happy to pay for that level of shutter, then the Norman Ultra Shutter is currently the best shutter on the market, in my opinion.

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