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“Somfy Motors- Dumb Motor”

Somfy Motors are very durable and reliable choices for window shades like we did in this Lake Tahoe  job. But just choosing Somfy Motors does not mean that you are anywhere close to making specific choices. This blog is going to be a very basic discussion of the difference between a “Smart Motor” and a “Dumb Motor”.

Is a dumb motor a dumb choice? Nope. It is all dependent on what your needs and desires are when having your shades motorized. As a definition, the word “dumb” doesn’t mean that it doesn’t perform its task well. It only means that YOU are the thinking aspect, not the Somfy Motors. This means that it is the most basic of operations.

For example, if you want the shade to go up, you press the wall switch and the shade rises. If you want to stop it, you put the shade switch into a neutral position. The shade motor does NO THINKING at all. It is all based on it receiving a signal to operate in one direction or the other. That is it.

Wiring For Somfy Dumb Motor

Somfy Motors – “Smart Motor”

How does a smart motor behave differently? This is a basic coverage of a smart motor. It kind of thinks. Kind of! It is all about programming in this case. The limits of the shade top and bottom are set by programming, not by hard limits that are engaged on a “dumb motor”. Because programming is the key, there are many advantages.

For example, many Somfy Motors are sending information to a hub any time they are in action. This tells the system where they are located at any time. So, if you want to use a WiFi based app, it can have accurate information about where the shade sits at all times. I could spend time discussing the intricacies of the way that smart motors work, but it would be easier to have that chat one on one.

Home Automation – Smart or Dumb Motors

Both are possible when using Somfy Motors or other Motorization companies on the market. It all depends on how you plan on automating your home. For the vast majority of our clientele, we use smart motors. But, there are certain advantages to a dumb motor for very specific needs. This is why the consultation is so critical in making choices of types of motors. We’d love to assist you on your Motorization or automation project.

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