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The Newest PowerView Motor System Just Came Out

As of May of this year, you are able to get the newest PowerView system from Hunter Douglas. Motorized Window Treatments are not a new thing as of 2022. In fact, almost 90% of the jobs we do involve automation and motorization. But, when new tech comes out, we want to make sure that you are aware of some of the changes that you can expect. I’m going to be writing various blogs and posting many videos about this new system, but this one is going to be an entry level discovery.

3 Ways Your Shades Get Instructions

3 Ways to Control Hunter Douglas PowerView

Remote Control

Bluetooth is the new base of the system as far as functionality of the newest PowerView system. Bluetooth has a better accuracy as far as accepting and applying the information it receives. There are 3 simple ways that the shades receive the signal. The first one and the most obvious is via the remote control. When you press a button on the remote, the shade receives the message and then does what it is asked to do. You can raise it, lower it, stop it or you can set 2 positions that you love for your shade to be in, and the product will go to exactly that point. Those are all details of the remote control and we will address those in the future.

PowerView App

The second way that your motors get their commands is via the app. If you have the Hunter Douglas app, which is called Hunter Douglas PowerView, you have the ability to operate your shades. You will have to set up the newest PowerView in a slight difference from your old system… if you have it. The app can control up to 4 shades. Let me say it again. The app only can accurately control 4 shades. So, if you have 5 shades, read the next paragraph. When you use the app, you have to identify your shades, put them in a “room” and then create “scenes and automations”. When you watch the video, you will see how it works. I will dig in to this more in the future.

Here is the solution that allows for best use. It is a slight change for the newest PowerView system. It is called a “Gateway”. This is the same concept as the “Hub”, which has existed for a while to allow scene control and automations. You will notice that the “App” also does these controls, but it is very limited in terms of timing accuracy and ability to handle more shades unless you have the Gateway. There are 2 versions of the Gateway. 1 is the standard Gateway, which can handle up to 15 shades. The other is the Gateway Pro, which can handle up to 30 shades. It also has features that are different, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with technical data until we are looking at your home to determine the best solution.

Review Of PowerView G3 (Gen 3)

Technology continues to advance in the window coverings industry. Not only are the motor systems different and the operation mechanisms different as well, but how they are controlled is different too. Quickly, let me point this out. If you have an existing PowerView Hub that you received prior to May 2022, that system will not integrate with new motors. The good news is that the App, which we discussed, can operate both the older and the newest PowerView system.

When it comes to tech, you can examine it and keep it very very simple or you can dig in deeply and find out all kinds of factors that might interest you in your pursuit of the best motorized window treatments for your project. We would love to share our experience with you and help you to be excited about your automated window coverings. Thanks for reading our blog.

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