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I recently posted this photo on Facebook and I had a brief discussion about the benefits of solar screen shades with a potential client. I thought it would make an interesting blog posting. I am copying the text to here, and I’ll add a bit more information.

Draperies over Solar Screen Shades

Solar Screen Shades are Effective at Cutting Glare

Kempler Design: If you don’t think that solar screen shades knock down glare, check out this photo of one of today’s installations.

Kempler Design: The top half has the screen shade lowered to the mid-point and the bottom half is uncovered. Look at the ski lift tower and notice how you can barely see it below the shade. They REALLY work!

Potential Client: Wow. Any temperature effect? Cooling for summer months? Lake side homes would be a good application. West coastal homes with an ocean view….

Kempler Design: Yes, (Name removed), they have an effect on the temperature. Since you are able to see through the material, you get the benefits of the insulative capabilities of the shading. They don’t insulate as well as some other products, but because you are able to leave them down, you get the benefits while still enjoying the view, which many other products do not do. e.g. honeycomb shades, opaque roller shades and the like. The shading coefficients on these shades are very good. They were originally designed for commercial applications to provide exactly the types of benefits that you are asking about. Just think about all the coffee shops and restaurants that you see these types of shades in. I do lots of these shades in areas where they have a view that they don’t want blocked, but they also don’t have huge needs for privacy. In this home, draperies were used as a second layer, not only for the looks, but to add extra insulation and to provide more privacy at night. Just as you can see OUT during the daytime, others can see IN at night if the lights are on. So, if there is a privacy issue, then that needs to be dealt with as well. One of the best things about this type of shade is the cost. They are very reasonable. Some companies are offering layered roller shades, with a screen or mesh shade as one layer and a opaque or translucent shade as the second layer. This would provide proper shading and privacy for any circumstances…except nuclear detonations.

Potential Client: Nice. Do you work with applications on the outside of windows…solarfilm, sun barriers and such? Effective?

Kempler Design: All of these applications are tailored to the individual needs of the project. Everything I’m discussing involves generic answers because there are so many variables. Exterior applications are possible as well. If you contact me directly, and best by phone, I would be happy to go over the project you are thinking about. I only do interior applications, with a few exceptions, but I’m networked with many people that do exterior work. I’d be happy to refer the appropriate person to you. 775 857 3100.

Roller shades are not the solution to all windows, but they certainly have come a long way since your grandma’s roller shades when you were a kid. (thwap, thwap, thwap). (First person in Reno to tell me what that sound means gets a bottle of wine. 21+) 

The standard lift systems now are as follows, but there are some additional specialty systems that can be discussed if you have special needs.

  • Continuous Cord Loop, with a beaded chain
  • Spring Loaded cordless system, with a slow and steady lift
  • Motorized lift systems- Battery or hard-wired.


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