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It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes a PowerView shade needs to be reprogrammed. The only two times that I’ve had to do this, it was due to slight abuse of the manual button on the shade’s headrail. With the Hunter Douglas Applause PowerView shade, the manual button is the glossy black button on the side of the headrail where the motor sits.

In both cases, the customer pressed the button so hard that the button shifted and jammed under the headrail. This caused the shade to go into its full reset mode because the button was unable to release. When this happens, it needs to be completely reprogrammed. The video shows PART of the steps.

Here is a complete list:

PowerView Handheld Remote Controller

PowerView Handheld Remote Controller

  • Unstick the manual button if it is jammed. In our case, we needed to take the endcap off and then reset the position of the manual button.
  • Press and hold the manual button on the headrail for 6-10 seconds until the shade starts to move, then release. This will set the limit stops for the top and bottom of the shade. The shade will go through a complete cycle of its top and bottom limits.
  • Press and hold the STOP button, or the center button on the remote for 6-10 seconds until the lights on the remote start to flash. It is now in programming mode.
  • Choose the channel to add the shade to.
  • Alert the shade to the programming that is about to come by pressing and holding the manual button on the shade and then within 2 seconds press the up button on the remote. (You must do these steps within the time frame specified AND you must do this before the remote stops blinking) As soon as the shade jogs, release both buttons.
  • Follow the same steps for the FAVORITES position. (Heart Button) Make sure you select the channel to add to as well.

If you want to do this to your Hunter Douglas PowerView shades, please watch the video. If you are like me, it is easier to watch it done than it is to read about it.

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