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Hunter Douglas Rechargeable Batteries

The Hunter Douglas rechargeable batteries are made using current technology. They utilize lithium ion batteries. This enables them to be recharged about 500 times. The length of a charge is approximately a year or so, but that time will vary. Personally, I’ve been able to get about 3 years between charges on some of the shades that I have. Other shades are a little less than a year.

Single Charger for PowerView Lithium Ion Batteries from Hunter Douglas

The biggest problem that people have in this regard is remembering how to charge the Hunter Douglas rechargeable batteries when the time comes to do it. If you look at the picture to the side and then at the screen shot on the video page, you will see how to do it. You take the plug, place it in the outlet and then place the other side of the charger into the tiny hole in the battery.

How Long To Charge It?

The time of charging is typically about 3 hours. The good news is that the charger has a small light on it. When the light is red it means that the battery is charging. When it turns green, you know that the charging is completed.

Please keep this in mind. The battery can be charged either in it’s holder or wherever you put it. That can be confusing, but when you watch the video you can see how the battery comes out or how to place the charger in the charging hole on the battery itself.


Another important thing to know about rechargeable batteries is that the placement of the battery holder is critical. This particular client is not young. I did not want them to have to climb up about 12 feet to recharge the batteries, so I added an extension cable and placed the battery at the bottom of the window. This will make it easier to recharge the batteries when they need to do it. I hope this blog was helpful to you. Thanks for reading it.

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