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Motorization versus Automation is a Common Question

A lot of people when building a custom home are choosing to do home automation for their electronically controlled features in the house. It can help control lighting, HVAC, shade controls, security systems and even things like cooking. But, automation can also be used for simple window covering projects too. In this case, we are discussing one room. But, because of special needs of this client, he wanted the shades to be automated, or set on timers to act when and how he wants.

When you watch the video, you will notice how the customer gets the choice of Motorization or Automation when working his shades. So, what is the difference.

Difference Between Motorization Vs. Automation

What are the Motorization versus Automation facts? If is very simple from my personal definition. Motorization is a method of powering your window coverings. For example, if you have a cordless shade, your motor is your arm as you use it to lift or lower the bottom rail. Most of the time your motor is your hand. With a motorized shade with alternate power, like batteries or hard-wired, the power is coming from a source other than your hand.

What about Automation? With Motorization the motor needs to receive a command from you. Any time that the motor gets the message to move, it moves. Sometimes it is because you press a button on a remote control that the motor receives. But with automation, it is slightly different. With automation, you are doing some very simple programming which establishes what you want the shades, blinds, shutters or draperies to do. And then, you also establish WHEN you want them to perform that task.

Quick Breakdown of This Job in Reno

Motorized and Automated Shades

The sun pours in to his west facing living space in the mid to late-afternoon. He’s a busy guy. He’s not always there to adjust the shades, so we created some automations. He can use the motorized options any time he wants to adjust a shade. He just picks up the remote control and hits the appropriate buttons. But he knows that he wants the cellular shades to operate in certain ways regularly. So we set some automations.

At a few minutes before the sun comes up, his shades fully open. This allows him to enjoy the majesty of the view as the sun begins to light up the mountains that his windows face. For the morning, the windows stay open. But about 4 hours before sunset, the sun starts to hit the west windows and heat up the room. So, we set an automation that the windows on the west wall lower to the bottom of the window at this time. But the windows on the north wall stay open.

They are set to close only in the summer months when the trajectory of the sun is more to the north and the sun will come into those windows in the very late afternoon. Then, about an hour after sunset, we automated the shades to close completely to maintain the best insulation for this Reno client.

Remember, this programming is a great way to automate the shades to whatever circumstances you desire. When we do this, it is called a SCENE. A scene is basically saying how you want the window coverings to be under any circumstance you want. These scenes can be coordinated with IFTTT and with other Home Automation systems to integrate all of your motorized products to be automated.

This is the basic idea behind the title we chose of: Motorization versus Automation. Remember that your home or office will require unique consultation to make sure that you are getting the most benefit from your window treatments. Thanks for reading.

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