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Hunter Douglas PowerView Options

I recently received the following question on our YouTube channel about what alternates are available for Hunter Douglas PowerView battery operated shades. I decided to write this blog as an answer to the question.

YouTube Question




Here is my answer. My suggestion to the writer was to contact us to discuss the details of their circumstances. But I can give an overview:

The Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization options are plentiful as to providing power. The standard way that they are sent out is with a battery pack containing 12 AA batteries. These are suitable for most situations, but as we can tell, not all of them.

The person who wrote to us for other options is happy with the battery packs, but because they have to climb up a ladder to change the batteries, it is a hassle. So, what options do they have?

What Options Are There For Hunter Douglas PowerView Power Supplies?

  1. Standard Battery Pack
  2. Satellite Battery Pack- This is the same battery pack, but gives you the option of mounting wherever you desire. Some people like to install them at the bottom of the window or at a location that is more accessible. The cord lengths that are available are 15”, 4’, 10’, or 20’. These can be plugged in to one another if you need a little more length.
  3. C- Battery Pack- Instead of using AA batteries, Hunter Douglas offers the option of using C batteries. There are 10 batteries in the pack, which is larger than the AA batteries, but they last much longer. If someone chooses the C Battery Pack, they can expect about 3 times the length of battery life of the AA battery pack. These are done using the satellite battery pack extension cords. So, the pack will be mounted wherever the client chooses to install them. On average, you can be looking at about 3 years average before changing the batteries.
  4. DC Power Supply- This is an outside the wall plug-in unit. This means that you plug it in to an outlet and it transforms the power to 18V which is what runs the PowerView shades. This option is very convenient, but the cord is visible. It is a great option when you have a way to hide the cord. Most people do not want to see these cords coming from the window.
  5. Large DC Power Supply– With the hardwired option from Hunter Douglas, you can power up to 16 shades off of one power supply. Usually, our clients will place this power supply in a utility closet and power it there. From this power supply, you need to run electrical wires to the various window coverings around your home. You need to hire an electrician to run the wires based on the local building codes. This is the best long term solution, as it is clean and efficient.

What If I Lose Power?

If you look at the question from the client, you will notice that due to the fact that they live in California, and the new power regulations, they are probably going to lose power when the winds blow. This is one advantage of the battery packs. But, if they have a large or small power supply, how can you make your shades work if the power goes out?

The beauty of the Hunter Douglas PowerView options for mechanisms is that they are Plug-n-Play. This means that if you lose power, just take one of your old battery packs and use it. Unplug the cord from the DC Power Supply and plug it into the battery pack. Voila! Simple and effective.

Well, I hope that this fully answers your questions, but I still suggest a simple consultation to determine which is the best way to go for your specific needs. Thanks for reading our blog.

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