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Shutters vs. Pirouettes:

Pirouette Shades by Hunter  Douglas

Pirouette Shades by Hunter Douglas

Most people are familiar with shutters. They are a great choice for many windows, but sometimes we have to consider different options. One of the reasons that people choose NOT to install shutters is when they have an amazing view. Even though shutters have hinges, they aren’t designed to hang into the room perpendicular to the wall. Eventually, the hinges have a tendency to sag, thus causing problems with the reveals and the opening and closing of the panels. Because of this desire to have a view, some of our clients are choosing the Pirouette Shade, by Hunter Douglas. As you can see in the video, they have a great slatted look which is similar to that of a very modern shutter, but instead of hinging off to the side, they roll up completely into the 4″ headrail at the top of the window. They also have a sheer facing on the back of the panel which provides some insulation when the shading is in the open position, which is an advantage over shutters. As with most Hunter Douglas products, this one comes with a limited lifetime warranty. So, even though it looks delicate, the fabricator feels that it will be very durable and will last as a long term option.

This video was shot at a vacation home at Lake Tahoe, but most of the jobs I’ve done with the Pirouette have been living rooms or bedrooms in Reno. There are many colors and textures to choose from, so I suggest giving the Pirouette a look if you are thinking of getting new window coverings or blinds.

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