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Motorized window coverings have been a part of current trends for a couple of decades. Currently, Kempler Design does motorized window coverings for more than half of the jobs we do. But one of the most common questions we receive has to do with their durability.

This is a legitimate concern because the warranty on motorized window coverings is less than the overall warranty period. For example, if you buy a Hunter Douglas product, like the Duette, Silhouette, Pirouette or Vignette you get a lifetime warranty. This covers the product itself, but not the PowerView motors. On the motorized portion of the shading, you get a 5 year warranty.

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For some people, this can be off-putting. But, please consider some things that might balance your view of this issue.

  • These motors are built for long term use. In my opinion, and that of many Master Installers, the Hunter Douglas Warranty is less than it should be. I’ve had very few call backs on motorized window coverings. Far fewer than I have had for any other lift system.
  • You probably take other motor systems for granted. When was the last time that you chose not to purchase a car because the mirrors were motorized? Or when was the last time the side mirror motor went out in your car?
  • The technology for these motorized window coverings keeps getting better. The shade in the video is 20 years old and it still works perfectly. Typically, if a motor is going to have an issue, it will be in the first year.
  • Honestly, if your shades do break down after 7, 8 or 9 years down the road, the original technology will be antiquated by this point. It may well be time to upgrade. Not always, but it is a consideration.

Motorized window coverings will be a part of the modern house for as far into the future as we can see. The Reno and Lake Tahoe area is one of the most technologically progressive areas in the country, with Tesla, Microsoft, Apple and many other technological companies expanding in the area. We at Kempler Design are very willing and able to help you determine which motorized window coverings are best for you.

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