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Hard to Reach Windows and How To Treat Themrem

There are many reasons why you may have hard to reach window coverings. Like in the video below, your windows may be at a second or third story location. You may be “vertically challenged” and can’t reach the top of a window. Another thing we run across is people in wheelchairs or other disabilities, who can’t operate other types of control mechanisms. What about bathtubs, furniture that is in the way or deep countertops. Clearly there are many reasons that you might have hard to reach window coverings.

Remote Control for Motorized Shades

Automation is taking off in this industry. Hard to reach window coverings are only one reason why so many people are choosing motorized shades and blinds. Convenience is another major factor. I’m almost uncomfortable in stating this, but it is true… Bling factor!

It is so cool to be able to have some friends over and watch the look on their faces when you press a button and the shades move! In our home, our shades are set to automation. So, we are sitting around with friends around sunset when the shades are set to close. Watching the expressions on their faces is kind of fun for me, because they almost always say that they would like to get some of these shades.

Cost of Motorized Blinds

It used to be that Motorized window coverings were pretty expensive, but now it seems that the costs have come down into a reasonable area. Let’s compare some of the costs so you can see the benefit of motors for hard to reach window coverings. We will use Hunter Douglas as a comparison since they have the most types of lift mechanisms.

  • PowerView- This is the Motorization system from Hunter Douglas. The costs of adding motors to any shade or blind starts at a retail of around $300 and goes up to $500 per opening. Keep in mind that this is retail and you may be receiving a discount on these prices. Also, to be realistic, once you have Motorization, you will need controls and you may choose to automate your shades. This can bump up the costs, but they are very reasonably priced. Bottom Line 300 per window.
  • LiteRise- This is the cordless system that is desirable to many clients. Just grab the handle and move the shade to where you want it. The up charge is not high, but remember we are doing a comparison. Bottom Line 100 per window.
  • UltraGlide- This is a retractable cord system. It is a great system for the right application, but let’s focus on the costs. Bottom Line 150 per window.

There are other options available, but let’s just make this simple. Let’s say that you are doing 10 windows, which is a pretty common number. That means that the cost of doing 10 motors would be $3000. The Cost of cordless is about $1000. Retractable cords are about $1500. So, when seriously contemplating the difference in pricing, reflect on something.

What features did you pay extra for in your car? Wheels, bigger motor, more technology, comfort or something else. It was worth it based on your needs or desires. It is the same with window covering tech. Whether it is because you have hard to reach window coverings or because you just want the latest and greatest, you can have your needs met. It is all about figuring out what the best solution for you is.

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