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This client had issues with her motorized roller shades. She called us after her interior design company referred her to us. As a Hunter Douglas Certified Residential Motorization System Specialist in Reno, the designer had confidence that we would be able to solve the client’s needs. Even though this job was done with Somfy motors, we were able to figure out the programming issues and fix the shades so that they worked properly. This job had four major issues we fixed.

1. The batteries were the wrong type and needed to be replaced
Make sure that you use the type of batteries that are specified.
2. The polarity of the wiring was reversed and not all the shades functioned the same direction.
This was a programming issue that we resolved
3. The limit stops needed to be set.
This was also a programming issue.
4. The remote control had set 3 windows in reverse.
Also a programming issue, but was due to the original installer not being familiar with the system he was attempting to install.

The Somfy IR8 Remote Control.

The Somfy IR8 Remote Control.

Here are a couple of highlights of ways that you can avoid issues with your Somfy remote controls.

1. NEVER press the Program button unless you are programming. You can cause all kinds of problems.
2. Press and release the button you are depressing quickly. Don’t press and hold. This issue is the number one problem that I see in the field.
3. Make sure that you get the right system for your application. In this case, the designer made a poor choice. They chose an infrared system instead of a radio system. Based on where the shades were, this was not the best choice.

I’m very grateful to my new client for volunteering to do a testimonial for us. I’m happy that she’s very pleased with our services. If you have any issues with your blinds, shades, shutters or draperies, especially if they are motorized, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 775 857 3100

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