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How to Charge Your Lithium Ion Batteries for Roller Shades

This video is pretty detailed in explaining exactly how to charge your Lithium Ion batteries. If your batteries have already gone dead, then this video will calm you knowing they are probably fine and just need a charge. Let me add a couple of little details that I didn’t mention in the video.

More Details of Charging the Batteries

Alpha Tubular Motors Details

1. Typically, when you first get your shades, the motors are partially charged. As a result, the time of usage could be significantly lower than the 1 year or so that we discuss in the video. My suggestion is to charge the battery to full when you first get them installed.

2. The time to fully charge the Lithium-Ion batteries is about 3 hours. Some clients do them overnight because they are fine with them finishing up with the cord plugged in overtime. Others want to disconnect them as soon as the light turns green. Their choice! No worries either way.

3. The batteries are designed to take about 500 charges, so some of my clients decide to charge the shades about every 6 months, so that they never lose their charge completely. This would limit the shades to about 250 years of use…so, whatever works for you is probably just fine.

4. Be aware that Alpha Tubular Motors does not have features for hard to reach windows. If you wish to charge a window shade that is only reachable by ladder, then currently you will have to climb up to recharge your Li-Ion battery. When this changes, or when they reach out to tell me otherwise, I will update a blog post to let you know.

As you can tell, we provide all the necessary information to our clients so that they get the most out of their window treatments. If you would like this level of expertise, please reach out to us so we can work on your project together. Again, thank you very much for your time in reading this blog.

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