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Changing Batteries Is The First Solution

If you have motorized or automated window coverings, there is a good chance that you have a remote control. If you were to call an online service for assistance with a motorized window covering that is not working, the first thing they will ask you is…

“Do you need help changing batteries in your remote?”

Most often people recognize that their shades or blinds have batteries to operate the window covering, but surprisingly, people forget that their remote control also has one or more batteries. So, when your remote control is not functioning well or not at all, changing batteries is the best solution.

So Easy, Our Office Manager Took On The Job

In this case our office manager, April took on the task of changing batteries on a Somfy Remote Control. The battery used for this model is a CR-2430. This is the most challenging part of this task. We don’t often stock these batteries and then we are frustrated about how to find them. We ordered our batteries online, but it took about a week or so to get them. In our case, the battery in the Somfy remote control still worked, but it lacked the power to transmit the signal as far as normal. Therefore, we had to walk closer to the shades that we were controlling until the new battery came.

CR2430 Battery

Here are a couple of tips. Maybe make a note somewhere, like on the back of the remote control as to what kind of battery is inside so you can easily obtain it when necessary. One other small note: When changing batteries on a Somfy Remote Control, use a small Phillips Head screwdriver. If you use one that is too large, it can strip the heads on the screw. I am super proud of April. She did the video in one take, and nailed it! Hopefully, you will be just as successful in changing out your batteries. Thanks for reading our blog.

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