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The sun’s rays cause all kinds of damage. In this Montreaux home, we did all the window treatments a few years ago. The homeowners determined that they would NOT put window treatments or window film on the windows in the photo above. I suggested that they put something on them, but all I can do is make recommendations, I can’t force people to listen to them. After a number of years, they called me back as they noticed that their upholstery had faded considerably. When I arrived at the home, I pulled back one of the area rugs and showed them the color difference on their hardwood floors. The man of the house was kind of shocked and called his wife over to see the floor. I suppose that all I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t fool yourself; the sun is doing damage to your home’s interior, whether you believe it or not.

There are a couple of ways to deal with the sun’s effects. The first is Window Coverings. Almost any type of window shade will provide benefits, but remember, with products like cellular shades or roller shades, if you can see out, the sun can probably get in too, so often we recommend products like the Silhouette and Pirouette Shades by Hunter Douglas, which provide a filtered view to the outside, while still providing a measure of UV light control. When they are put into their privacy modes, they provide almost 100% protection from the sun. Blinds, shutters and other louvered products will shade very well, and are great choices for sun protection, but they only insulate when they are fully closed. As you can see, there are many things to consider when making the right choice as to window coverings.

In this home, we took two steps. First, we put in Hunter Douglas Roller Shades. The customer wanted something that would virtually disappear, and if you look at the photo above, you will see the shades on the door. They truly do blend in. We also used a lift system called LiteRise, which removes any cords that hang down to make sure that the look was completely clean. Secondly, we also reupholstered the chairs and ottoman because the previous fabric was virtually destroyed.

In summary, if you don’t cover the windows that allow in the sun, you are risking long-term damage to your floors, upholstered goods, furniture and artwork. Talk to a professional to help you determine which solution is right for your home.

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