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I’ll admit it, this blog/testimonial is a bit self-serving, but it’s all true! We are grateful for clients like this one. The reason that I’m posting it is because in her testimonial, she highlights some things that make Kempler Design different from our competitors. Special credit is given here to Aaryn Walker, owner of the Red Chair. She is worth visiting for design needs that fall outside of the realm of window fashions.

I am happy to let other people talk about our business and tell you about their experiences. We aren’t perfect, but we try to come close. If you are looking for a window fashions expert in the Reno area, please contact us, but if you are in another area, I have a large network of fellow professionals that I trust to refer to you. Contact us via the contact page.

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Motors Have Different Speeds For years, the industry almost NEVER suggested doing horizontal window treatments, like roller shades, for sliders or patio doors. But for some reason, over the past few years, shadings on these openings have become very popular. The most important factor to consider is the speed of the lift system or motor. […]

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Do You Have a Giant Slider? The new design of homes often adds a enormous opening to the outside. Let’s call it a huge patio door in this case. I’m currently seeing 15 and 16 foot sliders in a lot of homes. The two builders that I’m seeing this from mostly in the Reno and […]

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