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Paul Kempler is a Window Fashions Expert

Why do people hire a window coverings designer like Kempler Design? As we tell our potential clients, “We do not sell commodities, we provide you with an experience”. For this blog, I will be showing a before and after and going over some of the details that made it a special experience for the homeowners in the Montreaux area of south Reno, NV.

The Before Picture- Blinds

Let’s start with the windows before I got involved. They had done the typical solution to the window coverings choices that are available. There was nothing wrong with this choice, but they wanted something much more stylish for the space. They had 2” horizontal blinds mounted inside each opening. The color was also done in a standard white.

For most window covering sales people, they would just assume that you wanted to maintain the 3 separate windows and to highlight the trim that had been placed on the outside of the windows. At Kempler Design, we try not to make assumptions about what you want. We spend time discussing what types of choices will make you the happiest with not only the way the window coverings look, but also how they will work to accomplish what you need.

We spend a couple of hours fine-tuning how we were going to do this job to get things exactly as they wanted it to be and also to make sure that what they wanted was possible. Let me give you a couple of examples. Please watch the video and then we will discuss a couple of these details.

What Kinds of Details Matter?

The After Photo- Shutters

I am going to give you a couple of examples of the technical details that make a big difference in designing window treatments. Before I do, I want to tell you what a lot of my clients tell me about their previous experience dealing with typical window coverings dealers. They express to me that when they present them with certain concepts, the sales people tell them that what they want can not be done. Then, they talk to a window fashions expert or a window coverings designer and they realize that they CAN do what they wish to do.

I will try to make this technical solution very simple. Why did we decide to add T-posts to the shutter frame? Not for style, but for function. Since the shutter is in a place that gets walked by constantly, we needed to keep it from protruding into the walk space. This meant that since the customer selected the 4 1/2” louvers with tilt-bars attached to them, we needed the louvers to insert as deeply as possible into the openings of the windows. If I had not added the T-Posts, the louvers would have hit the existing window posts and we would have had to extend the depth of the frame of the shutters. This would have caused the shutters to interfere with the walk space, so the T-posts were the right selection.

The other major factor had to do with the framing choices. We needed to accomplish two things. Completely cover the existing trim so as not to create contrasting design colors. And, also make sure that the trim is wide enough to allow the louvers to insert into the openings of the windows, just like we discussed before. We also make the distinct choice to overlap the existing trim by about 3/4”, so that we wouldn’t see what the shutters covered when walking by.

Kempler Design vs. Standard Blind Companies

Here you are seeing the difference between the way that we work versus most of our competitors. Please understand that there are other companies that act the way that we do, but there aren’t many. My suggestion is to find one that works for you. One of the keys as to why we are very different from most dealers in the region is because I, Paul Kempler, am the window coverings designer AND the installer. When I am with you on the job, I can see it from the design vision, but I also see it from the installation POV. This helps me walk you through any challenges that you might face and come up with a perfect solution.

I know that this was a long blog, but I would really like you to see the difference between using someone that truly designs your window treatments for you versus companies that sell you products. I hope you agree that it makes sense to hire a window coverings designer.

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Kempler Design is located in Reno NV and serves the northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe regions with a mobile design showroom. Paul Kempler, its founder is considered a window fashions expert. Kempler Design has been featured in many prestigious projects, including the HGTV dream home in Lake Tahoe. Kempler Design works with homeowners as well as interior design firms looking for a local contact in the Reno/Tahoe area or is available for travel.

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