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This is part two of a discussion about the function of shades and blinds, specifically in the Reno and Lake Tahoe areas. Last time, we specifically talked about INSULATION and SHADING. This time I want to talk about how to determine the right choice for you.

There are many factors to consider when buying custom window coverings. Light control, privacy, insulation, shading, sound absorption, moisture resistance, weight, ease of use and a few others. Did you notice that fashion, design, aesthetics and other similar words to describe how they “Look” were missing? This is because the function of the product is probably more important than the style for a window covering. When we talk about Top Treatments, or decorative styles of draperies the exact opposite can be true.

So, when you are trying to determine which of the many types of products best suit your needs, you have to be realistic. In the last blog, we mentioned how 2″ faux wood blinds (vinyl) shade well, but they don’t insulate well. That was just one of the issues. For example, if you like a view, had you considered that opening the louvers will cause you to lose ALL of your insulation capabilities? Did you realize that if you wanted to raise the blind to the top of the window to maximize your view, that the blind would be extremely heavy to lift, thus shortening the life-span of your cording, and that the stack of louvers at the top of the window would probably cause you to lose the top 8″-9″ of your view anyway?

Stacking Height

What if you have determined that you want to maximize your energy savings by doing the very popular cellular shades? Had you considered that in order to get the benefits that are touted in the sales brochures you’d have to keep them closed at all times? The minute you enjoy fresh air, or a nice view, you just lost their prime benefit by opening the shade. Or if you like to sleep in and want opaque shades, did you consider that you will get basically NO light in your room unless you open the shades, thus, potentially losing any privacy?

Cellular shades in various positions of open

In reality, there probably is no perfect window covering. All of them have pros and cons. When you are making a buying decision, obviously it is in your best interest to know all of the facts, so that you can make a choice that will give you “the function you require, in a style you desire.” This is why there are so many “cross-over” window coverings.
These are products that combine the benefits of both blinds and shadings in one unit. There will be a follow-up to this blog on that topic.

If you would like any questions answered in regard to your personal window covering choices, please leave a question or comment so that I may address it.

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