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I’m surrounded by color in my personal and business life. I try to help people make the right choice when it comes to color in their homes. Let’s face it, most people think of their window coverings as WHITE. Take a look at your blinds or shades in your home. White, right? Oh, and by “white” I mean any shade of off-white. I tend to use very generic terms for color, since it can be so subjective. On a side note, one huge example of this was the Color of the Year of 2011, Honeysuckle. What color did you think of when I wrote the word “honeysuckle?” When I was a kid, we used to pull the flowers off of the stem of the honeysuckle plant in my neighborhood and suck out the pollen.

Some of your color choices

Some of your color choices

The color of that flower was a pale yellow, but the color that was the trendiest in the fashion world in 2011 was a hot, smokey pink. So, when I describe a color, I use the actual color, not an adjective or a “brand” name. So, in this case, white means the entire spectrum of off-whites, from almost beige to pure white and any of the tinted-whites that can have a touch of any other color.

I usually try to encourage my clients to go big. Take a chance with your color. It is important that you understand how color affects you. I even found out that a religious magazine had an article about the same topic. It was interesting reading and now I feel enlightened. (Cue the angelic singing) Anyway, the study of color has been the topic of scientists for decades. Different colors can affect our mood, our appetite or even our energy levels.

Because of this, one of the tools that I use when I visit my clients is an app that allows me to take a picture of their room and plug in any product in the Hunter Douglas line and in any color. This allows the client to visualize what that exact product will look like in their windows. It is very effective in showing the client their future. It’s actually pretty accurate too, but computers can’t imitate the power of natural lighting, so it’s still important to hold the actual color swatches up to the sunlight. Anyway, that’s a little about color for you today. Orange feelings to you today. (Warm, fun, happy and intense)

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