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Do You Need to Take Down Your Duettes?

There are a lot of reasons why you may need to be taking down shades. The most common reason is to paint the room without damaging your window coverings. Another reason is for working on the windows. Other reasons might be to replace your window treatments. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure about the most common reason. But whichever reason for doing it, you want to make sure you do it right.

I hope you watch the video in order to see exactly how to install them and also how to take them down. If you have a different brand of shades, the technical details will be different, but the overall concepts are pretty similar. I shot this video for this client because they were about to do some painting and wanted to be sure to understand exactly how to take the shades down. Afterward, they will also understand how to put them back up easily.

Caveats About Taking Down Shades

Taking Down Shades

Please use good judgement if you are taking down shades in your home. These products are very durable, but if we don’t treat them with care, it is possible to cause a significant amount of damage. I’d also like to share an important point for you. Almost all painting contractors claim to be able to take down shades and also to reinstall them. There may be some painter crews that actually can do it very well.

But, my experience has been that I see so much damage done to the products that they should be caring for. I’ve seen paint on the shades or blinds. I’ve seen many products completely destroyed. There are other issues that come up too. So, what I suggest is that if you need help taking down shades, please consider hiring the company that you purchased from to do the work correctly. Either that, or learn how to do it yourself and save yourself the grief of any problems that non-professionals can cause to your custom window coverings.

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