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Learn How To Install Cordless Cellular Shades

Please watch the video, then read the information below on how to install cordless honeycomb shades, and then watch the video again. You will be able to install your shades like a pro.

Please keep this important detail in mind: Kempler Design does the installations of it’s clients’ products for them. I wanted to share this information for people who may want to do it themselves. Or perhaps realize why they want to hire a professional instead of having to learn how to install cordless honeycomb shades.

Norman Portrait Honeycomb Shades

List of Details For Installing Honeycomb Shades

  • Have the right tools- Driver with the correct bit. In this case, we use a 1/4” hex driver. But you can use Phillips head screws and their driver if you prefer.
  • Make sure you understand how the brackets attach to the headrail before you start installing the brackets at the top of the window.
  • Mark the location with a pencil or a screw tip that you wish to mount the brackets. Unless your instructions state a different location, I suggest the screw be mounted 4” from the outside edge.
  • Use all the brackets that are included in the packaging per shade. Space them equally across the top opening.
  • The brackets need to be perpendicular to the window, so adjust if necessary.
  • The projection of the brackets needs to be the same across the window opening, so measure the depth or line the brackets up with something consistent like we did in the video. In that case we made the front of the bracket align with the front of the window.
  • Once the brackets are installed, place the front of the headrail into the bracket.
  • Before snapping the backside of the headrail into the back portion of the bracket, make sure that your gaps on the left and right side of the headrail are equal.
  • Snap the back of the headrail into the brackets until you hear them make that distinct sound that you can hear in the video.
  • Place the manual handle on the moving rail or rails.
  • Test the operation of the shade
  • You now know how to install cordless honeycomb shades.
  • Congratulations.

Please watch the video again and all these points will help you to install cordless cellular shades.

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