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As a tall person, I appreciate tall windows. There is nothing worse for me than having to bend down to see out of a window. But the reality is that some windows aren’t that tall and the shame is that there was plenty of room above the window to make it taller in the first place. But here we are, with a window that could use extra height. In previous blogs I’ve discussed different ways to treat these windows. I’ve discussed using Roman Shades as valances. I’ve also mentioned various fabric valances that can be used to create more height at the window. Today’s blog will show another nice option. We’ve looked at various operable arch-top window coverings, but today we are going to look at a non-operable shutter.

The reason that this product was chosen was to mimic the look on the window to the side, even though we were covering a wall and not a window. If you look at the before images, you will see that the shutter covers a sheetrocked wall and that there is no opening at all. It’s amazing how the mind works in that we fool our brains into thinking that the window actually exists now and that we have just chosen to keep the louvers of the shutter closed. In this sense, the height of the window has literally changed in our mind. By using an actual window covering as a valance, it is implied that their MUST BE a window underneath it.

Design is about creativity. It is important to think outside the box and in this case we did so literally, as the box (the frame of the window) was just the cake, to the shutter’s frosting. mmmmm, cake!

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