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Solar Sensor, LCD Timer, RF Adapter

Motorization Accessories Ease Your Life












Motorization has come a long way over the last few years. One of the leaders of the movement has been Hunter Douglas. Recently, they upgraded their battery powered motor system to make it more powerful, more quiet and more diverse. One thing that sometimes made them lag behind the hard-wired systems was their lack of accessories. Starting in May of 2011, Hunter Douglas released three new accessories. These Platinum Motorization Accessories will provide you with:

  • Convenience
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Energy Savings.

Below, see a listing of these new products and their suggested use.

Platinum Solar Energy Sensor: This Solar Energy Sensor detects the amount of solar energy coming through the window and sends out a wireless signal that automatically raises or lowers your window coverings. It has a winter and summer mode so you can take advantage of the sun’s heat when you want to.

RF Adapter: This unit adapts any household outlet to control your window coverings. You use it in conjunction with a switched outlet or lamp timer as a cost effective solution for automatic use of your window treatments. As an example, if you have it attached to a switched outlet, then when you hit the normal wall switch, the RF Adapter will sense the change in power and send a signal to your window covering and raise or lower it, depending on how you set the control.

LCD Timer: This can be used to set your window coverings to raise or lower or tilt at any time throughout the day. The timer helps ensure privacy, protect your home furnishings and fool any would-be home invaders if you are away.

All three of these accessories can operate a group of shades and not just individual openings.

For other blog posts dealing with motorization, please see this link.

The Platinum Technology accessories are recommended for use with select Hunter Douglas PowerRise® 2.0 and PowerGlide® 2.0 with Platinum Technology wireless control system products.







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